Big companies like FB and Google should take responsibility for the content published on their websites: Sam Pitroda

On Saturday technocrat and policymaker Sam Pitroda said that Companies like Facebook, Google and other social media platforms should take responsibility for content on their sites,

He and a few other people have come unitedly under the aegis of Association for Accountability and Internet Democracy (AAID) in Paris to ask`protection of the private integrity and societal value’ on Internet.
Pitroda while addressing a gathering of Pune International Centre members and others at the College of Engineering said that “Twenty of us from all over the world have come together and we want big companies like Facebook and Google to take responsibility for their content,”
He stated big companies like Google and Facebook do not take responsibility for their content unlike the newspapers.
He also said that “If newspapers print wrong news or any information, they will apologize. Now look on other hand big companies like Google and Facebook won’t even remove the content. So, this is a big issue on which they should consider and also this has been bothering us for quite some time,”.

The man, who was an advisor to former PM of India Manmohan Singh, said some people used to hire publicists to comment, share and tweet on their behalf. “There is a big difference between advertisement and information,” said the man who is chancellor of the Central University of Rajasthan.

Pitroda said that there is concern over a lot of misinformation, vendetta and gossip on social media. “By this people get more popularity and hits on their pages and posts,” the technology veteran added.
He said that “The World can only be redesigned by Indians but we are not ready to take on a task like this because our house is not in order,”.
He said that the old design for world order settled after World War-II has run its course and it has created more difference.

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