Turkish Airlines would provide Laptops for Premium Class Guests

After banned of large electronic devices by Britain and the US from the cabin of flights from certain countries.
On Saturday Turkish Airlines said that it would offer laptops to business-class flyers. All electronic devices which are larger than a mobile phone have banned by Washington on direct flights to the US from 10 airports in 7 West Asian countries and Turkey, they only allowing them to be carried in hold luggage.

Even Britain also ban from five countries in the North Africa and the Middle East as well as Turkey. As per news Turkish Airlines would offer passengers a solution. “The national flag carrier has now started to offer laptops for its business class passengers on US-bound flights as from today,” this statement was released on Saturday.

A few days ago Etihad Airways had stated that the passengers which are traveling in premium class will be given free Wi-Fi and iPads in their flight journey, following the Trump administration’s ban on carrying large electronic gadgets as cabin baggage on flights from mostly Muslim countries.

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways announced that from 2nd of April it will offer first class and business class passengers free iPads and Wi-Fi on all its US-bound flights reported by Gulf News.
This new service by Etihad Airways will enable busy customers to do their works mid-flight or interact with their family and friends despite the electronics ban.

“Premium Class this passenger on this Abu Dhabi flights to the US will receive their Wi-Fi vouchers from the cabin crew with the onboard welcome drink. These vouchers will give free Wi-Fi for the duration of the flight,” the airline said.

“In addition to free Wi-Fi, we’ll have iPads available on all US-bound flights for those that need them. Power and USB sockets at every seat will keep devices charged during the journey.”
A few days ago, for enhancing guest experience Uber and Jet Airways announced a collaboration ride-hailing service, with the aim to ”.

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