A technology which generate power from polluted air

A process that purifies air at te same time generate the power have developed successfully by the Researchers from the University of Antwerp and KU Leuven, Belgium. For the functioning the device only needs light. Professor Sammy Verbriggen said that” we use a very small device with two room separated by membrane”. One side Air is purified while on the other side from a part of degradation product hydrogen sag is produced. After storing this Hydrogen gas it used as fuel later, for example, it is been already uses in some hydrogen bus.

By this way researcher reacts on the social needs: first is cleaning the air and second is alternative energy generation. The main part of the solution lies at the membrane level, where the researchers are using the nanomaterials. Professor Verbruggen explains” This catalyst breaking down air pollution and capable of producing hydrogen”. In the past, these cells help hydrogen to extract from the water. Now we have discovered that this is more efficient with polluted air to purify.

It looks like a complex process but it is not that complex: the device only needs the light. Now the researcher’s goal is to make this device capable of using in the sunlight because the process technology is similar to solar panels technology. The difference is that the power is not produced directly but rather that air is purified and the hydrogen gas is stored by generating power.

Currently, they are working on a small scale of few centimeter. After this, they would like to use this technology on a larger scale and make it to industrial process applicable. For using the sunlight more efficiently we are working on improving our materials.

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