Today USA ask FBI to investigate Facebook bot

Facebook said that “US newspaper Facebook page named USA Today has been mired with fake users,
The largest U.S. newspaper publisher Gannett Co has now asked the FBI to investigate after it determined that half of the newspaper’s Facebook following was automated.

Millions of the fake accounts were removed by biggest social media website Facebook, but after this, it has detected more suspicious activity since.

The likes on “page” have fallen from 15.2 million to 8.2 million because of the account deletions.
A report by USA Today on the matter Facebook spokesperson Shabnam Shaik said that”We don’t know why the scope of impact on USA Today’s Facebook page appears greater than any other publisher,”
The bots were seen commenting on posts, stories and also, sharing, replying to each other and “liking” posts – as well as “liking” the USA Today page itself.

Maribel Perez Wadsworth the executive at Gannett Co. said that “From our point of view, we have done as much as we can in our control to solve the problem at hand,”.
“We are waiting for Facebook to resolving this situation on their platform so by moving forward we can engage our Facebook audience.”

The cyber-security firm used by Gannett Co, told that their investigation for tracking suspicious accounts on the page are continuing.
FBI has declined to comment on asking to confirm whether it had launched an investigation.

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