Apple is going to cut the price of iPhone 5S in India, says report

iPhone 5S

A research report from cybermedia says that “Apple iPhone 5 s is the top premium smartphone in all states of India basis as of March 2017”. Meanwhile, iPhone 7 is ranked at number 4 in some states. Cybermedia research also says that Samsung and Oneplus are the only Android phone brands which rank under top 5.

iPhone 5s is the cheapest smartphone of Apple in the Indian market now because iPhone 4S and iPhone 5C is out of the picture. The report also says that the iPhone 5S will be sold at the lowest price of 15000 in the Indian market, but it is not value for money because when you consider that it is almost 4 years old.

The report says that Apple will look to start manufacturing of iPhone SE in India soon, So the Apple’s Taiwanese partner Wistron Corp setting up a manufacturing plant in Bengaluru because Indian gov is giving concession in taxes to set up local production plants in the world’s fastest growing major mobile market.

Initially, iPhone will manufacture 300000 to 400000 handsets in India and the model which will initially manufacture will not be dependent on any tax concession offering from the government. Experts predicting that the price of iPhone SE could be down about 10 to 12 percent if Apple makes it in India and also local assembling will help the company to sell its product more aggressively.

However, as per Cybermedia survey iPhones are an expensive buy and people in India actually buying these phones a lot. In the other hand, Samsung and Oneplus remain in top contenders in Android space.

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