Apple buy Beddit sleep tracking company: Likely for its Apple watch

For the success of its watch, Apple has acquired a sleep monitoring app ‘Beddit’ that could definitely play a vital role in future for its Apple watch.
An announcement on Apple’s official website says that”The app of ‘Beddit’ is available on Apple watch and iPhones”.

Apple didn’t disclose any term and condition and also declined to comment.
Beddit product uses a sensor called ballistocardiography (BCG)(ballistocardiograph (BCG) is a measure of ballistic forces on the heart.) to tracks sleeping time, heart rate and snoring that how much time the person sleeps, its has been done by a strip of sensors that slip under the sheet which is paired with an app.
Such an app has been placed as a health and wellness device and it is also considered crucial for Apple watch.

By a report of a global financial service company, UBS said that the purchase of Beddit could be followed by other, affluent with USD 256.8 billion in cash this company is likely to be on the path of a merger-and-acquisition but not mega-mergers.
In future, its appear that Apple will sell the Beddit hardware as well as a part of brands like Beats. But the Apple’s longer term plan is unknown.

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