Now the fastest translation is available on Facebook

Facebook says that the researchers of the company have used a new way to translate the content faster and more accurately on its social network to use artificial intelligence. It means that Facebook users can not only post, but also can translate videos immediately into their preferred language. Already, Facebook translates posts in more than 45 languages, but CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that there is still “much to do”.

For now, Facebook has made research and its methods publicly available, so that developers and others can use it to make translation and other language tools. Apart from the translation, it can also be used for chatbots. For example, it can also be used for other language-based functions.

This method uses a convolutional neural network. It is a technology that has already been used for image processing and other types of machine learning.

A feature of Hindi Transliteration is also present:

Remind you, before that Facebook came with a feature of Hindi Transliteration for its Indian consumers. This is a feature which will change the text automatically in Devanagari language after typing in English. This update was especially for Hindi writers. A light version of Hindi edition was also introduced in the Facebook app for Android smartphones, after which Hindi can also be typed through the English keyboard. For this, you do not need to download Hindi keyboard separately. Let’s tell you how this feature works.

Does this feature work

1. While writing a post on Facebook, you will also see a Hindi keyboard under the text field, on which by clicking you will be able to type in Hindi via Hindi editor. Even if you are not writing in English, Facebook will translate those Roman characters into Hindi.

2. However, it is not necessary that you post the Translated States only. If you are not happy with the translation you can change it. Just have to type it on the left side of the keyboard icon.

3. You can find matching words from your status. You will see a lot of options when you click so that you can select Words.

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