Facebook new feature: Now do this before joining Facebook group

Facebook group

Social networking site Facebook has launched a new feature. In this, you will have to answer three questions to join the Facebook Group. It has been started to make the group more safe and productive.

According to a report, with the help of this feature, the admin will prepare questions. You will have to answer these questions on sending a request to join the group.

If someone sends you a request to be a part of a group, you will receive a link notification. When you click on it, you will have three questions that will be answered by you.

Answers to questions can be given in maximum 250 words. The answer will be visible only to the admin and moderator and it will not be posted in the group. You will also be able to edit it before the answer is reviewed.

The new feature will reduce the number of people who become part of the group just for posting fun and enjoying. It is notable that Facebook is going to host a conference of group admin in Chicago next month.

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