Wannacry Ransomware cyber attacks in nearly 100 countries of the world

Wannacry Ransomware

Because of cyber attacks in nearly 100 countries of the world, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has instructed all Indian banks to shut down their ATM services until the software is updated. WannaCry ransomware named malware hacks the computers which are running Microsoft windows and have not been updated with software. There are about two and a half million ATMs of different banks in India. According to the media report, close to 60 percent of the ATMs run the discontinued version of the Microsoft Window “Window XP”. Although Microsoft has issued updates to avoid ransomware in view of window XP software still being used in various countries.

WannaCry hacks the computer of users and demands of $ 300 bitcoin as a ransom. This malware hacked the UK’s national healthcare system. Users are not able to access the data of this malware affected computer. An official of the public sector bank told the Times of India newspaper that the RBI has instructed all banks to update the window patches issued by Microsoft Window and as long as the updates are not updated, the ATM machines are not operational, Please. According to the report, the banks have issued instructions to their Management Service Provider to update their systems.

During demonetization, all banks had to recalibrate their ATM which took about a month. So, it may take a few days to update all ATM software. However, an ATM operator told TOI that there is no danger to the Indian ATM from RanSware, because the ransomware locks the system and locks the data in its network and does not allow users to use it. There is no data in the ATM machine, nor does it contain any storage which will stop the transaction.
Manohar Bhoi, the president of(Technology) Management Service, EPS, which provided ATM facilities to the public sector banks, told TOI that if a machine is affected by this Ransomware, then it can be re-used again and again. The company is updating the bank’s ATMs as their suppliers. Bhoi told TOI that there is no need to go to every ATM to update and the company which supplying the ATM first tests these window patches and then updates them.
102 computers of Andhra Pradesh Police were hacked by ransomware.

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