About 48,000 ransomware attacks occurred in India: Quick Heal Technology Report

Quick Heal Technology

A cyber security firm has detected more than 48,000 ransomware attacks in the country. Most of these incidents have surfaced in West Bengal. Sanjay Katkar, managing director of Quick Heal Technologies, said, “MS-17- 010 Shadow Broker, from 48,000, WannaCry is responsible for spreading ransomware in India. Our guess is that this attack is spread not widely on any particular industry but in many industries, especially in industries that are connected online “.

A Pune-based company said that about 60 percent of malware which is WannaCry ransomware attacks occurred in the industries. While 40 percent of attacks have occurred on individual customers. It has also been mentioned that over the past few days, more than 700 customers have made calls who are facing problem from malware attacks. Let us know that the effect of this virus lies on the global level of 150 countries. The top 5 cities in this list are Kolkata, Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Pune and Mumbai.

The company has claimed that the ransomware virus has been successfully removed from the system. Let us know that the desktop and servers working on Microsoft Windows operating systems have had the most effect on them.
Along with this, the company has said that the systems which have not been updated for this virus have been affected by the WannaCry ransomware. Indian computers have been safe by the attack of the worldwide RanSware virus. The reason for this is that the security measures made by the Government of India are prominently included. According to the European Law Enforcement Agency Europol, more than 2 million computers in 150 countries are affected by this virus. At the same time, only a few incidents have been reported in India’s Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

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