‘Google for Jobs’ a new feature will launch soon for Job Seekers

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has announced the launch of a new feature ‘Google for Jobs’ at I/O 2017 Keynote address on Wednesday. Looking for Google Job with the help of this feature will help people find jobs. While announcing this, Google has emphasized the new campaign ‘Google Jobs’ for the job. Google Search will include job-related search tools.

What did CEO Pichai say?
Pichai wrote in a blog post, “Revolutionary changes are happening in the computing world. Now the technology has gone beyond mobile to artificial intelligence. And just like before, we are re-imagining our product for a world that can move with step by step with more natural and technology. ”

Partnerships from Which Companies?
For this, Google has joined hands with sites such as LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder and Facebook. This makes it easier for users to get a job. Pichai also told that this feature is being launched just in the US, later it will be offered in other countries of the world. According to Pichai, the company felt the need for Google Jobs because nearly half of the US companies were having difficulty in filling the Open Vacancy. Whereas job seekers were not even aware about these jobs.

What will be special?
The company will offer job filter on the basis of the second option, including location, category, date of posting and full time or part time work. These filters include retail jobs and services. Pichai also announced that the new Google for Job Search Tool has been started with companies such as FedEx and Johnson and Johnson.

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