South Korea fears, North Korea may be behind Ransomware Attack

Ransomware Attack

South Korea’s Cyber Security Expert said on Tuesday that we have a lot of circumstantial evidence which states that North Korea might have been behind the “RainSoftware” attack on the computers of more than 100 countries recently. They say that in the way hackers made their targets of computers and their servers around the world, it was similar to the previous cyber attack, for which North Korea was held responsible.

Simon Chao, Director of the Anti-Virus Software Company, Haori Inc., who studied North Korea’s malware during the year 2008 and advised the government in that respect, said that the North is not new in the world of Bitakon and that year 2013 From the beginning, using the malicious computer program, collecting the currency of the digital currency.

In the recent cyber attack, hackers had demanded bitcoin from victims so that the data of their encrypted computer could be turned on again. Last year, through an internet address from Chao North Korea, a hacker talked about the development of the RainSoftware and he also alerted the South Korean authorities about it.

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