Whatsapp has finally released its new pin chat feature for all its Android users


This feature was released earlier this month for the Android beta user. With WhatsApp Chat Pin feature, WhatsApp users can pin their favorite chats at the top of the Chat tab. With the new feature, WhatsApp users can pin the chat with the three favorite users in their Chat tabs.

Whatsapp said in a statement, “With the introduction of pin chat, now you will not have to scroll long chat list to message your family or your best friend. Users can easily pinpoint the three most essential groups or private chats to access their chat lists at the top. Tap and hold on a chat. Then tap the pin icon at the top of your screen. ”

But, frustrating is that the Pin Chat feature lets you pin only just three chats. After this, when the fourth chat is pinned, the notification comes, “You can pin only three chats.”

In addition to the PIN option, WhatsApp users can also see options such as delete, mute and archive while long pressing a chat.

The biggest feature of the new pin feature is that once you pin a chat, it appears at the top of your chat list. Whichever group or private messages arrive at your Whatsapp All new incoming messages will be visible to the user only after a pinched chat. In addition, users can un-pin a chat whenever they want. For this, tap the chat long enough and then the PIN button must be disabled.

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