Facebook will launch a new feature ‘Order Food’ for his user

Facebook is launching a new option ‘order food’ for its users in the US. With the help of this Facebook app, its users will be able to request food without any restaurant application or website, by ordering them directly from Facebook. According to a report, in this option, Facebook users can order food from the eateries using food pickups and Delivery.com and Slices.

In October last year, the social media platform, Facebook announced a partnership with the delivery.com and Slice to send goods online at home. This new option has come as a result of the same partnership. Facebook has always been a major company in the market and this year with its two billion users per month, it remains a major company. This company owns the world’s premier apps, including What’s App, Instagram, and Messenger.

Facebook has introduced many types of features, which is why we need to remove other apps from our mobile phone. Based on a ‘Weather’ feature, ‘Discover Peoples’ based on a Network C-section,’ City Guide ‘on Travel Section, Information of Government’ Town Hall ‘and an online’ Job Board ‘, Fundraisers’ ‘Instant Games’, etc. (grant funding).
Facebook confirmed the ‘Order Food’ in October as a result of its partnership with Slice and Delivery.com.

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