Apple released the iOS 10.3.2 update but users are facing battery ending problem

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Apple has released iOS 10.3.2 update in all models of iPhone 5 and later. In this update, the security of the iPhone and iPad has been better than ever. Also, bugs have also been fixed. Users can check this update in settings and check the software updates tab. It is important to backup the phone’s data before updating the phone. To make an update, the iPhone must be connected to Wi-Fi and also have a 50% battery.

Problems coming to new users with new updates:
Many iPhone users have complained about the battery early ending after updates to Apple’s official support community website and social media. A user wrote on the Apple Support Community website, “After updating to iOS 10.3.2, my iPhone 5S battery is running out quickly. What do I do? At the same time, a user wrote on Twitter, “After updating to iOS 10.3.2, my iPhone 6S was stopped on 80% of battery.”

This means that after this update user’s is facing a lot of battery related issue. When the user unplugs his phone by charging 100 percent, the phone battery decreases by 10 to 20 percent immediately. At the same time, many users have also complained that their phone has switched off without having 40 percent of the battery. According to a Forbes report, this bug is harming the iPhone only. So far the iPad or iPod Touch users have not had any problems. However, this is a bug, but users who are not having trouble with batteries, they are seeing this update as an improvement in battery life.

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