Twitter has collaborated with dozens of video publishers


Micro Blogging Website Twitter will now also show TV, the company has tied up with dozens of video content partners. It also includes Bloomberg. For the past few years, Twitter has been experimenting with live videos so that it can be introduced in a better way.
Twitter has announced that the company will begin its 24/7 video streaming service in collaboration with Bloomberg.

Besides, dozens of content publishers will broadcast live videos to twitter video programs. Overall, Twitter has 16 Streaming Partners. These include publishers such as Viacom, BuzzFeed, Vox Media and WNBA. It is worth mentioning that recently news of Twitter sold was coming and it was being told that the company is in constant loss. But, Twitter is now preparing to focus on the video with this new plan.

For the morning news, Band Event will be shown under the partnership with Bangafid. That means you will be able to see Morning News on Twitter, which will be called MorningFeed. Food chain Wendy’s has sponsored this.

In addition, Twitter for Technology News has tied up with Vox Media’s technology website The Verge. Under this, a live tech show will be organized every week on behalf of Verge, in which the information related to the technology will be found. The name of this show will be a circuit breaker.

According to Twitter, the company has partnered with Viacom. Under this, Live Streaming of the show will be done on Twitter only. The MTV Movie and TV Awards can be watched directly on Twitter.

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