Google Photos added new feature, different sections for special pictures

The latest version of Google Photos has come with the updated version 2.15 with new features. This new feature of Google Photos will now have an archive option for the user. Please note that these features will be available on every operating system and in addition to this it will be able to run on the web. In this new feature, users will be able to keep their pictures in separate sections from the image feed.

In order to archive any of your pictures, the user has to click on three dots as seen on the picture side. After this, the user will have an archive option, where pictures can be archived. The archive picture will now be visible in the slide menu on the left side of the screen. Apart from this, they will be seen on search and also in the album.

One advantage of this feature is that all your photos will not be seen in the main picture feed and the security of private pictures will also increase. This feature can be viewed on the web version of Android, iOS, and App.

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