Samsung launches a new range of its QLED TV in Bangalore

Samsung has introduced a new range of QLED TVs at an event in Bangalore, this TV not only gives better brightness level, but also its visual quality is better than the other HD TVs. Apart from this, their design has been specially designed with keeping in mind the Living Room and Drawing Room so that they can give a beautiful look to your house, the back of the TV has been placed in the plane so that the gap between the wall and the TV is lesser. The new TV range has been presented keeping in mind the combination of picture, style and smart.

The side of the TV is quite slim with metal finish. The best part is that the TV frame has been loaded with 100 different designs so that the customer can choose their frame according to their liking, along with a beautiful studio stand also as an option to be purchased separately.

In QLED TV, Samsung has used Quantum Dot which gives the true color combination, however, for this you should have the same quality of content as well. The color of the screen looks quite prominent but if you see YouTube and other web content in the TV with Slow Internet Speed, then they are not as attractive.

In addition, it has 100% color volume, which is close to 60 percent in the ordinary high definition TV. Compared to ordinary TVs, the Q-Led has a function of HDR 2000, which clearly shows fine things as well.

Samsung’s QLED TV is smart in technology also its remote control is also very stylish, it is made of full metal body. It works like a universal remote i.e. Setup box, Blu-ray or if any music system can operate with this remote control.
Samsung QLED TVs have been launched in three series, Q9, Q8, Q7 with 55 inches, 65 inches, 75 inches and 88-inch size options. It can be pre-booked between May 2 and May 21. Upon pre-book, you will get a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Smartphone Free. Price of QLed TV is between Rs 3,14,900 and Rs 24,00,900

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