Mobile data became cheaper, but the Expense increase

Have you noticed what is going to cost you more on mobile, for calling or for data? According to the latest report, in India, mobile users spend more on mobile data than calling. This is the situation when telecom companies have a competitive advantage.

According to the latest report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), 65 percent of the total mobile bill is of internet data whereas the remaining 35 percent is from voice calling services.

According to the report of IAMAI, as the age of mobile users increases, data consumption decreases. However the total expenditure increases. Users aged 15 to 24 years spend 67 percent of their bill on data. At the same time, users over 50 years spend 50 percent of the bill on data. After improvements in internet speed, the consumption of data is also increasing. According to the Nokia MBit Index 2017, most users are getting 4G. While the consumption of 4G was 1,407 MB per month in 2016, the figure of 3G data consumption was 849 MB and the figure of 2G data consumption was 259 MB. In this, 65-75% of traffic comes from mobile and social networking.
“India has become the world’s number one country in mobile data usage. Jio users are using 100 million GB of data every month.” – Mukesh Ambani

These are the way to decrease data Consumption:

  • There are many applications on the phone, which also use data when the phone is closed. Turn off auto-sync data to avoid this. Also, go to settings and turn on the restrict background data.
  • Keep Auto download off of Whatsapp. Manual the video or image to download,
  • Use Google Maps offline. Where to go, the area can be downloaded and offline navigation can be done.
  • Keep data off while playing a game. If not, ads will pop up and data will remain accounted for.
  • Keep auto download off of email attachment, by this way, we will be able to download the email as per our requirement.
  • To watch a video on YouTube or listen to a song from another site, download it.
  • Use Data Monitor to monitor data consumption.
  • Where possible, use 3G service instead of 4G. The data consumption will also be controlled from this.


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