Now threat comes to Android phones, Judy malware affected 3.6 million users worldwide

Judy malware

The threat of the WannaCry Ransomware on the Microsoft Windows system was not completely averted now another malware came out. It is being told that this new malware threatens Android phones. This malware can come in the phone through the app.

Malware has been found through checkpoint security research firm, it is being named ‘Judy’. The most surprising thing is that this malware has been found in the Google Play Store. Google’s system works in such a way that it will automatically detect and remove the affected app by malware, which does not threaten users. But it seems that this has not happened this time.

Checkpoint has stated in the blog that there are about 41 apps in the Google Play Store. According to the checkpoint blog post, Judy Malware is an auto-clicking adware that has been developed by the company of South Korea, named Kiniwini. These apps have been developed for both Android and iOS platforms. This app is affected by malware was up to 4.5 million to 18.5 million downloads.
The security firm further said that many of these apps have been in the Google Play Store for years, but they have recently been updated. It is not known that since this app was affected by this malware.

How does Judy work?
It opens a malware URL and creates a code. Payments for Hackers are generated by the users as soon as they click on them. It affects the app so that users get infected links. Tell you that the more clicks the hackers will get, the more rewards you get.

How to Avoid?
To avoid this malware, users will have to avoid clicking on any unknowable link. Do not click on the links users are not working. Or do not click on the ads that appear when using Desktop and Laptop. Also, install anti-malware software in your device and periodically scan your phone. Private security can be improved through browser settings.

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