Lenovo’s big loss in mobile business, will focus in high-end market now


The title of the world’s third largest smartphone maker was eliminated from Motorola when it was acquired three years ago by Lenovo. But now Chinese company Lenovo Group Ltd is engaged in efforts to perform well in the smartphone business. Even though the company is making a lot of efforts in its smartphone business, it is also planning to shut down its smartphone business if it is not successful. Let’s tell you that Lenovo’s competition is going on with the world’s largest PC maker company HP, that makes Lenovo profitable in March.

As we all know, Lenovo, the smartphone maker, bought Motorola a few years ago. After that, all the smartphones of the Motorola brand began to appear along with the Lenovo brand name. However, the company did not do some miracles in the smartphone market. Under this, Lenovo is going to make some big changes in its smartphone business. In which the company can stop the production of the phone by its Lenovo brand name. That is, now only smartphones will be built from the Motorola brand.

According to the news, In future, these two brands of smartphones can be present in India. Along with this, Lenovo and Motorola will continue to sell the phones of its own brand in India.
In a press conference in Hong Kong, Lenovo chairman Yang Yuanqing on Thursday said of the mobile business, “Our strategy is to give priority to mature markets, which needs brands and new products, while the emerging markets need efficiency”.

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