Google will give $ 2 Million to the bug finder in Android OS

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Just one day after the 3.65 million Android phones were affected by Malware named ‘Judy‘, Google has increased the reward given to the bug-finder in the Android OS to $ 2 million. According to cyber security firm Check Point, dozens of malware apps from Play Store were downloaded from 45 million to 1.85 million times. Many of these malware apps have been on the Play Store for many years. According to the report of Technology website, Friday, most of the malware and security violations in mobile have been found in the phone of old OS build. The latest version of Android is safe, the threat is to those operating systems Google had developed years ago. So, Google has not been able to find any bugs in Google’s new Android so far.

However, the company has increased the amount of reward to $ 2 million to make its OS safer and to connect more researchers and engineers. Google started its reward program two years ago. No one has ever won this prize. According to the Check Point, Millions of phones in the world’s can be caught by this malware. India is also not untouched by this bug. So, the company is looking for the solution to this problem as soon as possible. Judy Malware is a software created by cyber attackers, with the help of a smartphone in its grip, it makes a huge fake click on the advertisements contained in it, so that it can benefit companies that make it.

Let me tell you that Google has decided to remove all the app associated with malware when asked by Check Point. Prior to Judy Malware, the virus named ‘WannaCry’ had created a stir in the world. This virus came to many western countries. Hospital services in the UK were also affected due to this computer virus attack.

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