India reached at 15th position in world with 4G data thanks to Jio, but far behind in speed

In the first six months of its launch, Jio attracting 10 million subscribers, has helped India to reach 15th position of 4G availability in the world. This information was received from the figures released by the London’s wireless coverage mapping company OpenSignal on Wednesday. According to the report of OpenSignal’s ‘State of LTE’, the 4G availability in India’s third quarter of 2016 was 71.6 percent, which has now reached 81.6 percent with the boom in the first quarter of 2017.

OpenSignal co-founder and CEO Brendan Gill said in a statement: “India is a very amazing and fast-changing mobile market. Here the government and other stakeholders will have to constantly ensure greater opportunities and reach the height of all the standards in the world inventory so that the high-intensity quality can be ensured and relevant mobile experience for more than one million mobile users. ” However, when it comes to 4G download speed then India is behind. The average speed of the 4G download in India is 5.1 megabytes per second (Mbps).

The study says, “This 4G download speed is slightly higher than the average 3G download speed in the world, which is 4.4 Mbps.” Apart from Jio, the level of availability of other service providers in the Indian market is around 60 percent. In terms of availability of 4G, South Korea has achieved the highest point and in this test it is the second country which provides max 4G download speed.

For this report, Opensignal has collected this data from consumers who use smartphone daily for normal use, covering 75 countries. The report says, “However, with the new LTE network, many countries can have limited 4G availability, but can achieve the potential fast speed due to their light loads.”

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