Huge sale before the GST, Big Discount of Rs 16000 on LED TV


If you are planning to take a New TV to give a gift to your family or to a relative, then this is a great opportunity for you. Let us tell you that before the GST, effective from July 1, America’s largest online portal Amazon is offering discounts of up to 40 percent on Amazon TV. That is, if you buy LED TVs before June 30, then you can save between Rs 5,000 to Rs 16,000. In this report, we will tell you by which company you can buy LED TVs with huge discounts.

What Amazon Offers:

Online shopping website Amazon India has offered attractive offers under the name of ‘Pre GST Sale’, under which huge discounts are being given to all the companies of LED TVs. This is a great opportunity to buy LED TVs with discounts.

Amazon’s is offering discounts up to 24 percent on LG LED TVs. By the way, this LED TV is priced at Rs 32,900, with the discount, this LED TV is being given to you at Rs 24,900. By this way, you can save about Rs 8000.



There is also a huge discount on Sanyo LED TV. The price of this TV is Rs 19,990, but it is being given at a discount of 27 percent off. That is, after exemption, you will get it at Rs 14,490. Accordingly, you will save a total of 5,500 Rs on the purchase of this LED TV.


Micromax LED TV is being given a discount of up to 37 percent. Its real price is Rs 42,990 but after the discount, it will cost you Rs 26,999. Accordingly, you will save up to Rs 15,991. You can also buy it on EMI.

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