Jio’s Launch Its App For Helping Traders After GST Implementation

For Retailers, Retailers Association of India (RAI) has introduced a Mobile App Based Solution for facilitating the Goods and service tax (GST) compliance for retail business under the agreement with Reliance Jio-GST.

Reliance Jio has said that this is a solution that will help retailers (organized retailers) to submit all kinds of documents, tax brochures and follow all the rules as per the provisions of GST law. It has been made available by Jio-GST at Rs.1999.

Its main objective is to help smaller shopkeepers across the country to easily adopt new tax system. According to liberation, Jio-GST is a comprehensive digital solution that involves the complete process of invoicing, filing and review of billing and GST returns. For this, new users have to install JIo GST app by creating a taxpayer account at

Meanwhile, Retailers Association of India(RAI), Chief Executive Kumar Rajgopalan said in a statement that the retail industry sees GST as a diversionary system. He said, this is a major step taken by the Indian government to bring uniformity in the taxation system of the country. We believe that this is by far the largest tax administration for India. As a citizen of the country, we welcome this new era by doing one country one. GST has been implemented from today.

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