Now Twitter Can Detect Riots And Serious Incidents Before Police

NewDelhi: The number of people on Twitter and other various social networks is growing steadily, and the tendency to share news or details of events has increased rapidly, on the basis of which a recent study says that compared to the police, Twitter Riots or unrestrained incidents can be detected quickly.

It has been said in the study that computer system can automatically check all tweet comments using machine learning calculation system and identify serious incidents before the police can be informed.

Through the computer system, it can also be known that where the riots were rumored to spread and where the crowd of people gathered.

On average, the computer system can detect such incidents a few minutes before the knowledge of the authorities in relation to any event.

In some cases, the computer system can detect them a long time before getting information about the security personnel. This study has been published in the latest issue of research journal ‘ACM Transaction on Internet Technology’.

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