Kalpakkam Atomic Reactor: This Indigenous Reactor Will Be Able To Generate More Than It Consumes, Ready In 15 Years

Pallava Bagla
Indian nuclear scientists are in the last stages of starting the high tech stove, at Kalpakkam near Chennai on the banks of the Bay of Bengal, which has taken more than 15 years to build. This new nuclear reactor is a kind of ‘Akshay Patra’. In the mythological stories, it is said that the food never ends in “Akshay Patra”. The Department of Atomic Energy is preparing to operate its state-of-the-art and indigenously designed fast breeder reactor. Experts say that the surest way to make nuclear energy viable is to bring fast breeder reactors to the mainstream. Yukiya Amano, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency located in Vienna, says, “Sharp reactors can help to remove 70 percent more energy than conventional reactors. These are much safer than conventional reactors and long-lasting radioactive waste cuts down manifolds. “Though there is more to say, there is more to do. These reactors are also unstable and hence, it is difficult to operate them in a credible manner for a long time. Called ‘Fast Breeder Reactor’, this reactor is a special type of nuclear reactor, which produces the far more nuclear fuel than the fuel used in its operation. India has been operating the Fast Breeder Test Reactor for 27 years on an experimental basis.

The only commercially operated, fast breeder reactor in the world is located in Beloirsch nuclear power plant in Ural Mountains of Russia. This place is not far away from Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth-largest city. In the case of Fast Breeder Reactors, the Russian people today are global leaders. They have been operating a fast breeder reactor called BN 600 since 1980. In 2016, Russian nuclear agency Rosamat commercially operates the largest reactor BN 800 Fast Breeder Reactor. This reactor produces about 800 MW of electricity and supplies it in the Rural region including Yekaterinburg city. Although the electricity produced is no different from any other electricity, but the global community of atom scientists is happy about this phenomenal achievement.

Eminent Russian expert M. Chudakov, working with the IAEA, said, “These reactors are a bridge for the future because they can supply unlimited power.” All eyes are currently on South India, Where another global nuclear achievement can be achieved this year. Arun Kumar Bhandari, Director, Kalpakkam, Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, said, “Fast breeder reactors are much safer than the current generation nuclear plants. All efforts are being made to launch India’s first commercial fast breeder reactor in Kalpakkam this year. ”

Interest in fast breeder reactors is so high that more than 700 best nuclear scientists from more than 30 countries have gathered to participate in the IAEA conference in Yekaterinburg. This conference was organized on the issue of ‘Nuclear Mechanism of Next Generation for sustainable development’. Scientists talked about how to produce nuclear energy for several hundred years. India is gaining prominence on fast breeding reactors under a well-planned strategy. This can be helpful in the use of vast reservoirs of the Mahrath Thorium.

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