Warning: Petya Viruses Does Not Ask For Ransom, It Delete Users Data Permanently

NewDelhi: Recently Petya Ransomware attacked computers in many countries. Initially, this virus was also being seen like Ransom. Meanwhile, cybersecurity researchers said that this malware is a new kind of attack that destroys Data permanently without asking ransom from users. According to Arstechnica’s report, the main purpose of this virus is to permanently destroy the data of maximum hard drives. Researchers at Moscow Cyber Security firm Kaspersky Lab have labeled this malware wiper.

What do the researchers say?
Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have said, “This new malware is quite different from all the Petya malware. This is why we are looking at it as a new malware. We named it ExPetr. We can confirm that the modified EternalBlue is being used against the corporate networks. EternalBlue is a software hacked by hackers.

Hackers do not have Installation ID:
Believe in Information, ExPetrs have no installation ID. It is meant hackers can’t get users important data by decrypting any data, so they delete the user’s data forever. Let us tell you that in 2016, the creators of the Petya virus had an ID that contained important information for recovery.

Now Ransomware becoming the big danger:
By spreading of this virus attack in Asia seem clear that this virus is emerging as a major threat to the whole world. Where now it is a big company and business. In the coming time, it can spread to individual form and take a formidable look. Banks and retailers have secured themselves against it. According to Kaspersky Lab Analyst – Russia and Ukraine’s institutions are most affected by this virus. Also in North America, Tuesday, i.e. half the day of June 27, approximately 2000 users had come under the attack.

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