These Five New Features Of Whatsapp Are Extremely Unique, Know How To Use Them

Whatsapp has become the most important tool for people in the world of social media. Users are chatting day and night. Now Whatsapp is Eight years old, Whatsapp always updates new features from time to time for its users over the past seven years. In the same way, Whatsapp has recently brought some special features for more than 1 billion users from 180 countries around the world. Users need to know about them so that they can use it better.

Search Emoji Option

Whatsapp has launched a feature that allows users to use the desired emoji. For this, Whatsapp is offering search emoji option in the text box. With this option, you can send that emoji to a selected chat box or chat group after you search any emoji. This means that if you want to send your love-loving emoji to a friend then enter the love box in the search box. After this, there will be many emoji associated with this in the toolbar. Select preferred emoji and send it.

Change font style

Apart from this, with the help of a new feature, users can also change font styles according to their needs. Although WhatsApp offers the bold font option last year but this time it has launched a new feature for font style. To change the font style with the help of this new feature, users will have to select just the text that wants to change the style.

After text selection, it has to be tapped. Now select the three dot given in the toolbar and change your font’s text style according to the needs of bold, italic, strikethrough or monospace. Most importantly, with this new feature, users will now get rid of the hassle of remembering all the symbols whose use it uses for text style and font binding. However, both of these new features are available on the new version of Whatsapp, 2.71.251, which can be easily used by installing in Android phones.

Take a chat back up on Google Drive

Now you can also back up your WhatsApp Chat. Whatsapp is offering this special feature to its users, with the help of which you can save your chat, the required messages on Google Drive. To do this, go to Menu Button> Settings> Chats and calls> Chat Backup. After this tap on Back up Google Drive and Daily, Weekly or Monthly can back up your chat according to your need.

Send documents

So far, you have been using e-mail to send the necessary documents or documents, but with the help of Whatsapp’s Send Document feature, you can easily send your documents, for this, users should tap the given icon at the top of the screen. Will happen. After that click on the option of the document, select the file and send it to the pop-up. Note that only PDF files of up to 100 MB size can be sent with the help of this feature.

Bookmark the Important message

The bookmark option was only available on email only, but now with the help of this feature of WhatsApp, it can be made to the desired message star. With the help of Star Message, messages needed to be highlighted and pinned. Select the message to bookmark or star. Tap on the screen to tap the star’s option.

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