With “Find Wi-Fi” Feature Facebook Users Will Get This Special Benefit

Facebook is about to launch a new feature soon. The name of this feature is’Find Wi-Fi’. Over the two billion Facebook users worldwide will be able to avail of this new feature. At the moment, Facebook has decided to provide this facility to its iOS and Android users.
Facebook has been using ‘Find Wi-Fi’ for the last one year.

For the past one year, Facebook is working on its ‘Find Wi-Fi’ feature. However, during the trial, Facebook provided the feature to users of iOS (iPhone Mobile Operating System) users in select countries. Giving information about this matter, Facebook’s engineering director Alex Himmel has written in his blog post that we are ready to expand our feature ‘Find Wi-Fi’ to iOS and Android users all over the world. We started it last year in some selected countries.

It is also very beneficial in areas where mobile network is not good

He said that with the launch last year we found that this feature is not only good for people traveling but also in the areas where mobile network is not good. According to Alex Himmel, this feature will prove useful to users in searching nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. So wherever you are, if your mobile network is not good, then you can find close data connections.

For this special feature, click on the Facebook app peacock tab. You will see the option of the Find Wi-Fi tab once you click on the Peacock tab. With the Find Wi-Fi tab on, you can find the nearest data network.

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