Google Will No Longer Be Spying On Your Gmail Account, Changes Policy After 13 Years

If you are using Google’s e-mail service “Gmail”, then there is a good news for you. Google has officially declared that world’s largest search engine will no longer read Gmail’s users to advertise.

Significantly, Google has been protesting against content scanning by Google for a long time by privacy activists about Google’s ability to teach users to show ads to consumers.
This decision came from the cloud team instead of Google’s advertising team. Google Cloud Team is trying to increase the number of its corporate clients

Google Cloud sells Office Software(G-Suite)of Google’s mother company Alphabet Inc. Google Cloud has taken this decision to bring its product in comparison to the other product in the market. In terms of office software, Google’s biggest competitor is Microsoft.

Let’s show that Google users scan the Gmail account to show the add-on. Based on keywords used in mail or chat, Google shows personalized ads to users.
If you want to know how Google customizes the ad, then go to Google Account Settings and select Add Section. You will see a list of all the topics that Google has selected on the basis of Search Habit and Browsing.

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