DEFCON Hackers Hacks EVM Machine in Just 30 Minutes, Used in the 2014 Election

After World Politics, Now in India, questions have been raised about the authenticity of the voting machine. In past, many opposition parties in India accused the ruling party of molesting the voting machine. However, during the investigation, there was no evidence to prove that the voting machine can be tampered with or hacked. However one of the world’s largest hackers group DEFCON has claimed to hack the Ameky Voting Machine.

This group claims that they can hack the voting machine in an hour. According to the news, the group expressed the desire to hack the voting machine used in the elections ahead of 2015. After which the voting machines were provided to the group to know the claim of DEFCON. But the results that came out later were quite startling. Hackers hacked the voting machine in just thirty minutes.

It is worth noting that the video footage of the entire case has also been reported, which has been posted by CNET on its YouTube channel titled ‘Hackers target 30 voting machines at Defcon’. The video shows that the most secretive piece of hacking machine is behind it. Which is called USB port. They have two numbers in the voting machine, both are on the back side of the machine. Hackers easily accessed the machine with the help of these ports. Hackers in the video are saying that they uploaded malware in the same USB port, after which the results could have been removed. Hackers are saying in the video: Do ​​you want to know how long the voting machine has been hacked? A hacker hacked the voting machine in 35 minutes.

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