After Social Media, Now Facebook Enter Into The Smartphone Market

In the smartphone market where companies like China, Japan, Finland, and America are trying their hands. At the same time, the social media website Facebook has now also been preparing to land in the smartphone market. Assuming a report, Facebook can launch its smartphone soon. The company is currently working on this phone. It has been reported in that Facebook filed a petition in January 2017 for the patent of the modular electromechanical device. This petition was given to the US Department of the Patent Department for the hardware working company for Facebook.

How will Facebook’s smartphone?

If belief on news reports, Facebook will launch a modular phone. This means that different parts can be added for better performance in this phone. It can be largely like the modular phone of Motorola. Let us tell you that Motorola has launched a modular phone earlier this year. According to the report, the petition filed by Facebook has been told for this patent. It has been stated that the functionality of the modular electromechanical device can vary the modules in the device according to the need.

Facebook has not given any indication of what will be the name of this phone. Also, it has not been confirmed that it will work on any operating system. There is nothing more about this phone without the official confirmation from the company.

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