More than 200 Million Users Active on Facebook, Working on These New Technologies

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Social networking site Facebook has released the results of the second quarter (April to June) profit of the year 2017 on Wednesday. The company has a profit of $ 3.9 billion (Rs 25,009 crore) in Q2 compared with the previous year’s rise of 71 percent. While revenue increased 45 percent to $ 9.3 billion (Rs 59,637 crore).

Nearly after half an hour’s trade, Facebook’s shares climbed nearly 3.4 percent to $171.35. Due to faster expectations shares have been seen better quarter results. Facebook co-founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said, “Second quarter and first six months of our company have been good this year. The number of our users has grown to 200 million and our effort is to bring the world closer. ”

The legendary social network says that by the end of June, the number of users who used Facebook was 2.01 billion. This figure is 17 percent more than the previous year. Most of Facebook’s revenue came from advertisements and 87 percent of it came from advertisements on mobile devices.

Facebook investing on new technologies:

Facebook is investing in new technologies. These include Messenger, Whatsapp, and virtual reality maker Oculus.
According to the latest media report, Facebook will soon be able to make its own smart speaker. It can bump Google Home and Amazon Echo.
Right now, according to the paperwork conducted by cyber invaders, which was given by the company’s legendary tech earlier this year, Facebook can also work on smartphones.
– Facebook is a big investor in the Artificial Agency. Along with this, Along with the concerns made by Alan Musk, Zuckerberg this week will improve the lives of people.

Facebook can work on these techniques:

According to Andyler Group’s Silicon Valley analyst Rob Enderle, Facebook is constantly focusing on the famous financial performance of the social side of the human nature.
-Disclaimer believes that the company’s AI AI, virtual reality and solar-powered plains have the purpose of investing in technology like the internet, to provide connectivity to remote areas.

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