Details of LG V30 Plus leaked, Know the special features and launch date

LG V30 will be launched on August 31 this month. Meanwhile, the information related to this phone has leaked. According to leaked information, there will be many features in the phone. It is being told that two variants of this smartphone will be launched. In addition to Regular variants, its plus variants will also be launched. So let’s know about the leaked information of these phones.

According to the report, the smartphone will be LG company’s Android user interface, UX 6.0+. It will provide users with many personalization options. The phone will also give the secondary display option. Apart from this, floating bar options will also be available, through which many functions can be easily used.

The phone’s AOD (Always On Display) feature will give access to many functions including Quick Tools, Music Player, as compared to the older models. Apart from this, there are many features in the phone. Dual cameras will be given in the LG V30. Thanks to the UX 6.0+, the graph feature is provided in the phone, which will allow better photography.

The company claims that the dual camera of the phone will feature a f/1.6 extraction and it will have the clearest lens. Apart from leaked information, the LG V30 and V30 Plus will have a 6-inch OLED full vision display.

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