After Facebook, Now Whatsapp has Brought an Option For Colorful Status

While making its status feature more interesting, Facebook’s proprietary company Whatsapp released an update on Tuesday, allowing its 25 million monthly users to share creative text-based ‘status updates’. Whatsapp said in a statement”Text-based updates feature lets you update your contacts in a fun and personalized way,”. To customize the text status, the consumer can choose any particular font or background color and link can also be added. ”

This new feature is available for iPhone and Android phones. Apart from this, users will also be able to view status updates on the Whatsapp for the web. Users can also control who will see their ‘status updates’, this can be selected in the privacy settings of Whatsapp. Users will also be able to reply to your friend’s status updates, after which a message will be played with the thumbnail of the user in Whatsapp chat.

Significantly, Facebook has changed its status a few months ago. Where anything running in your brain, you can put it as a status, colors have been given to make it attractive. You can pick up your status in a colorful way.

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