M-Aadhaar App: Now Smartphone is your Aadhaar card

If you use a smartphone then your smartphone is your Aadhaar card. The M-Aadhaard mobile app of Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) Aadhaar card can be accessed through mobile only. You can also lock your biometric data associated with the Aadhaar to protect your personal data from being stolen. There is currently beta version available on the Android Store, but for iOS users, the M-Aadhaar app will be available soon. Here’s all the information that you should know about this M-Aadhaar app as well as its use in various services.

Process to Install
Android user can download it from the Google Play Store. Then install it on your phone. When installing, keep in mind that your phone has the same mobile number which is registered in your Aadhaar card. OTP will be installed at this time while installing. After the installation of the M-Aadhaar app in your phone is complete, you will be asked to create a password. This password must be entered whenever you use the Aadhaar app. The details of your Aadhaar card data will be added in the next step. After that, a verification OTP is sent to your registered mobile phone, which automatically submits in the app for installation. There are countless third party developers on the Play Store, providing Aadhaar apps, so you should be careful and install only the UIDAI-developed app.

M-Aadhaar App Service
This app will save you from the hassle of carrying a physical copy of your Aadhaar card and this can easily access the Aadhaar card. By sharing your e-KYC or QR code you can easily use the electronic data of your Aadhaar card details. These e-KYC details can be shared with telecom operators, banks, and insurance companies, etc., to ensure that you are able to avail all services related to your Aadhaar Card. The M-Aadhaar app can be used to lock your biometrics so that you get extra protection from any unwanted use. Unless you have unlocked biometrics by visiting this app or by visiting the UIDAI website, your biometrics will remain locked and will not be associated with any operational activity.
The M-Aadhaar app allows you to create as many as three profiles at the same time. In addition to you, any other person in your family has given the same mobile number in their Aadhaar card details. E-KYC details can be shared via email or Bluetooth but your M-Aadhaar login password needs authentication to avoid abuse.
M-Aadhaar App Security Service
Each time you use the M-Aadhaar app, you will have to enter the password too many times. If your phone is lost, then the possibility of misuse of it is zero due to this password.

M-Aadhaar app
M-Aadhaar is a smartphone app that has been officially developed and released by UIDAI.
The M-Aadhaar app is currently available only on the Android Play Store, but the iOS version is likely to come soon.
The M-Aadhaar app allows you to take a digital copy of your Aadhaar on your smartphone which can be easily shared with the service providers digitally, which does not require a physical copy.

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