Now GIF Feature Comes In Facebook, New Camera Features Included In The App

Social media site Facebook is issuing new updates every day for its user. Facebook has added another feature to entice its user. Facebook has introduced some camera features. Users can create GIF using this feature. To take advantage of this feature, the user needs to get the help of an in-app camera. Earlier this app was found in Instagram and Snapchat.

To use this feature, you have to tap on Facebook’s camera. After this, you will see the option of GIF on the left side of the camera. You have to swipe to the right for it after which you can use it. Even if the videos and photos are not included in it, but you can change it even in portrait.

Through this feature, you can record a GIF of 2 seconds. With this, you can post this GIF in your news feed and send it to your friends too. In addition to creating GIF, you can now start the live stream from the Facebook Camera screen. Simultaneously, Facebook is also bringing a color text post for its camera. You can also share it among your friends. It is said that these features are very similar to Instagram. GIF can also be made in Instagram and live streaming.

In addition to this feature, Facebook has included several frames and filters, in which you will get a glimpse of Prisma’s style effects. Also, tell you that you can share GIF with Facebook’s camera only on Facebook.

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