iPhone 8 and a lot more: What we expect from Apple’s keynote

Ten years after the introduction of the first iPhone, the expectations for the 2017 models are particularly high – not least because Apple will be the next high-pressure finished ” Steve Jobs Theater ” on the grounds of the new ApplePark Group headquarters for its September event Place of the event. The “iPhone 8” is expected – after three years – for the first time again a completely redesigned iPhone, whose OLED screen practically fills the entire front and also pushes the important home button.

Gesture control instead of home button on the iPhone 8
The omission of the Home button, which combines numerous functions, should lead to far-reaching changes in the operation of iOS. Supposedly, Apple does not want to simulate the home button in a digital form in the lower area of ​​the display, but to put a new gesture operation.

The fingerprint scanner, integrated into the Home button, is replaced by a face detection system, according to the latest 3D and infrared sensors. In terms of dimensions, the iPhone 8 is not much bigger.

Entry price 1000 dollars
All this has obviously its price: As an entry price of the iPhone 8 so far scarcely 1000 dollar traded. Larger storage configurations are associated with a further surcharge, possibly a 512-gigabyte option will be available for the first time.

The expectation of a radically new “iPhone 8” has already pushed Apple’s stock market up to new highs, although it is still unclear whether the new model will be available at all in larger quantities – and how many buyers are willing to pay the expected price.

Two more new 2017 iPhones
With the 2017 iPhones, Apple has to create the balancing act, the expected re-issue of 4.7″- iPhone and 5.5″ -iPhone next to the OLED iPhone does not look old. For these models, which are likely to continue with LC display, Apple could also make changes to material and color – and for the first time, a wireless charging technology support.

Apple Watch also on the program
The 2017 iPhones do not remain the only hardware innovations. According to media reports, the introduction of an AppleWatch with LTE is planned, which becomes much more independent of the iPhone through the mobile support. Network operators are already looking forward to an additional store with tariffs for the clock, which is probably based on a firmly integrated Apple SIM.

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