Android O Will Launch On The Biggest Solar Eclipse Of The Year

The new version of Android is going to launch on Monday (August 21). The eighth edition of the Android operating system is being brought right on the day when a complete solar eclipse will appear in the continent of the Americas after 1998. This day will be the largest solar eclipse of the year. Google claims that the new technology will have many powerful features. Google said in its statement, “Android will be launched with full solar eclipse, in which there will be many super new (sweet) new power.” Launching…

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Google will give $ 2 Million to the bug finder in Android OS

google android

Just one day after the 3.65 million Android phones were affected by Malware named ‘Judy‘, Google has increased the reward given to the bug-finder in the Android OS to $ 2 million. According to cyber security firm Check Point, dozens of malware apps from Play Store were downloaded from 45 million to 1.85 million times. Many of these malware apps have been on the Play Store for many years. According to the report of Technology website, Friday, most of the malware and security violations in mobile have been found…

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