Suzanne Jean (Editor)

Suzanne loves to cover all aspects of Technology, Online Shopping & Gadgets. She is an Ebay & Amazon seller, who provides valuable information for the successful entrepreneurship. She has also worked in the Online Media such as and many print media – Tech Magazines in France & US. She was featured and interviewed in many leading Tech and Business Media/Magazines across the World.

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Wayne Murphy (Writer/Editor)

Writer and expert in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB, etc.), who has been with the TND team since its inception. Other than Blogging, he is pursuing graduation on Business Management at California University, CA. He takes care of all Gadget Size at Gadget Size, which includes Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops. He always fond of Google’s products more than Apple’s ?

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David Mayor (Writer/Editor)

Writer and editor of Gadget Size, he takes care of iOS, Apple, Mac and other gadgets. He worked at Apple Inc, before joining to the TND Media. He was graduated Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication from Cambridge University. He was awarded the Web Blogger of the year 2012 by International Bloggers’ Association, UK. Apart from writing, he can be found composing music using his huge collection of guitars.

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